Her d-cup breasts were still firm and her stomach was flat, thanks to the workouts that she and Ryan did together nearly every day.Ryan knew how men always admired his mom's ass, which was full and shapely.Worse than nothing because she still had debts from her businesses.

We don't have to do anything too extreme, but it sounds like we'll make at least $5,000 for doing practically nothing. I mean, under the circumstances it doesn't sound too bad." "Let's sleep on it," she said, then laughed.

"Separately." Chad and Catherine had fully expected Fay's call the following day, and were glad to have the paperwork signed quickly. Remember, wear only underwear and watch one of these movies each night.

If we see ingenuous behavior, we cut and there is no financial compensation. Just do what you're comfortable with, enjoy it visually, and pick up your check two days after shooting.

"During those two days you must still remain in underwear in the house.

Her lacy white bra could not hide the size and shape of her large breasts.

Her matching panties were small and did not quite cover her whole ass, giving Ryan a peek at the bottom of each cheek. " She was beginning to relax until her son walked into the kitchen. The girls swooned over his dirty blond hair and blue eyes, but his work on the still rings in the gym had lately given him powerful arm and shoulder muscles.Before she could ask if there was any more money to be made, an attractive woman opened the door to the office. Blackman and her son are here and are hoping to pick up their check," the woman said. "Fay, this is my wife Catherine, she's the other half of Johanson Productions. They are performing in a special series we have which is by far our biggest seller. Like I said, these movies sell like hotcakes and attractive couples make a lot of money. Even though she thought it was unimaginable to have sex with Ryan, if she did it, she'd be able to keep the house and Ryan would likely be able to get into Stanford. To make it interesting we offer cash bonuses for every step the couple takes. If the mom agrees, they earn the bonus then and there. Also, we require that our stars watch one of our movies each night between filming the scenes, but no sex is permitted unless the cameras are rolling." "Go on," said Fay.Please excuse the interruption." Chad took out the company checkbook and took a quick glance at his computer screen. Another couple in the series earned just over ,000 last month." "That's the kind of money I need. Some people stop early and only have a few scenes, but they still do pretty well. She was surprised that she was actually even listening to this, but the chance of making some easy money and not having to do anything too extreme was rather appealing.There was even talk of trying out for the Olympics. They are pretty tame at first; things like massage, kissing, partial nudity perhaps. He'll turn nineteen next month." "We also have certain requirements for the couple to do at home.If she couldn't pay the balance of his tuition to his private school he would have to withdraw, thus shattering his dreams. " They both nodded eagerly and Chad sent them off with his wife. "That's a lot of money." "They'll be doing a lot better soon. Here's how it works: the movies feature true-life incest sex, and not necessarily going all the way. We pay ,000 to film it, plus 10% of net sales as royalties. But that kind of money would be the answer to her prayers. Things can go further if the couple wants to, but it's completely up to them. If the son wants to do it he asks the mom, hence Mother May I. Namely, while in the house, the only clothes that can be worn is underwear."I hate to worry you honey, but yes, I'm afraid things are pretty bad.