Kim Kardashian and rapper and husband Kanye West, who have been married since 2014 and have two children, with one on the way via surrogate. It’s easy to understand why: All of those hours working together — and sometimes even playing a couple — are bound to bring you closer to your co-star in new ways.

"Y'all not gonna call me the home wrecker, call me any of that.

Me, I desire a lot of attention and time and when there's a newborn, you have to give your time and attention to [them].""When I met him, I did find out that he had a woman," she said. So I kind of looked up and saw that I was the side chick." a year later.

For some reality stars, life after reality television equals fame, fortune and even..

After gaining some notoriety, some of them have had romances with Hollywood actors and famous singers.

(The millennial era will end the moment – God forbid – they ever split up.) It is impossible to be more important than Bey and Jay, unless you are their friend, the President of the United States, and even then you might get upstaged at an Inauguration.

The nicknames aren’t coincidence: they’re called Hov and Queen Bey because they’re royalty. Some of these celebs found their true love while starring on a hit TV show, while others merely had a fleeting connection.Here are some of the most popular shows that spawned real-life relationships. Now, Leonard and Penny are married, but way back when they were just flirting neighbors, their portrayers Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco were dating off screen.In 2007, Lindsay Lohan and fellow socialite Calum Best, who appeared on the British reality shows , Best wrote that "she had a mad life, running around the world all the time.Everyone has their nose in her business, so there was no chance for something real to build between us.""But I did spend enough time with her to know she's a lovely girl," he said. He has a child and I'm not going to get in the way of that," she told Wendy Williams about their breakup, referring to his son Winston, who was born in April 2014.The pair split, but have remained friendly, with Dobrev even spending time with Somerhalder and his now-wife, Nikki Reed, in order to show just how amicable things are between the exes.