If you're experiencing audio issues, try reconnecting or using the dial-in number, as it tends to solve most of the issues that people experience.This presentation is also being recorded today and will be available for viewing at shortly after our session today. I'm going to take you through some of the challenges we deal with as a company, and you deal with as examiners, in mobile chat and social apps.But what's most interesting about this is that the mobile and mobile plus desktop user base is growing the most, and the desktop user base is shrinking.

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As discovered by i OS researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, both messaging services have been found to not completely delete messages when erasing them — meaning that a person with physical access to your phone, or backups of data in the cloud, may be able to retrieve “deleted” conversations.

“Forensic trace is common among any application that uses SQLite, because SQLite by default does not vacuum databases on i OS (likely in an effort to prevent wear).

The most interesting thing here that you can see is that mobile apps usage and mobile browser usage has actually surpassed browser usage in the US. And more people are spending more time on the internet through mobile apps and mobile browsers.

Now this creates more difficulty in investigations because you're dealing with different devices, especially in mobile.

We investigated the issues of SSD self-corrosion, demystified trimming, garbage collection and data remapping. Read more In this publication, we will talk about the acquisition of Windows computers – desktops and laptops.

This class of devices has their own share of surprises when it comes to acquisition.

I'll turn it over to Tayfun to begin our discussion. We've got a short agenda here: we'll go through some introductions, I'll talk about some of the mobile application growth.

There's a lot of mobile apps coming out and the growth has been phenomenal.

So you can see in 2012 they had 100 million monthly active users.

2013 they jumped up to 400 million and in 2015 you can see this Facebook post by the founder of Whats App – they hit 700 million monthly active users, sending 30 billion messages a day. Similarly, Facebook has posted some stats in their quarterly annual report showing that their active user base is growing as well – this is probably no huge surprise to anyone here.

Tayfun will also answer your questions in a live Q&A after the presentation.