This will include anything from mortgage payments to utility payments to regular retirement or educational savings funds.

I had so much fun thinking about different ways I could improve the layout or overall feel without buying a bigger house! While I have lived in a really big house for the past five years, I am ready to sell it and get back to small house living.

I was extra inspired to see some of my favorite small house ideas online at This Old House.

I use the financial section of our family binder the most, so I thought that this would be a good place to start when I was coming up with some new printables. Depending on the number of monthly payments you have, you may need to print out two copies. Two of the printables have a horizontal orientation so make sure you check your printer settings if it does not adjust automatically.

The images below look a little fuzzy but they should print out clear. DOWNLOAD BILL PAYMENT TRACKER DOWNLOAD PRE-AUTHORIZED PAYMENTS DOWNLOAD PASSWORDS TO REMEMBER Next you need to go through all of your regular monthly bill payments.

Again, it only takes a couple of extra minutes to do and is so helpful to keep things on track!

If you receive a lot of online bill statements, having a password checklist is a must!One of my tasks for this month’s Household Organization Diet was to review our family binder .I haven’t actually done this for a while and found out that there were a lot of pages that I was not really using and others that were just not working well anymore.How to Organize Paperwork – Creating a Paper Trail The March Household Organization Diet – Organizing the Home Office This post is part of The Household Organization Diet.If you need some organization inspiration, check out THIS POST to learn more about the plan and THIS POST for all of the 2015 updates.I also have all of the posts pinned to my Household Organization Diet pinterest board.