It contains several new units: Staghound Armoured Car, 6 pounder AT gun, Firefly Ace, Pershing Ace, 76 mm AT gun, Schwimmwagen, Bunker with 88mm Pak 43, and Nashorn...| 487.21 MB This mod takes you from the beaches of Normandy to the dark, cold nights of the zombie apocalypse.| 1.39 GB These two unique factions, with their all-new companies, abilities, and artwork, will work together with the outstanding starting platform that is Company of Heroes in an effort to provide the most immersing, tactical, and fun approximation of modern strategic combat on your PC.

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Players are allowed to dispose of resources to resolve any situation regardless of his doctrine.

The user can combat online with other fans of Ea W, fight together in cooperative missions imported from "jointops", direct landings on Omaha Beach, or turn it into a fortress…Infantry, urban combat, tanks, artillery preventive, ambushes, air strikes, larges offensives …

| 19.05 MB $ TEXAS $ is back, with an updated version to his popular Hurtgen Storm-Dawn!

The first thing you will notice about this version is the new to an addition in the maps, bringing your choice to three!

Weapon damage is more realistic, fighting tanks is a matter of quality over quantity, bombing on a large scale with tens of Halifax in the air...

Ea W is situated on a European stage from the beaches of Normandy to Dutch Tulip fields.

) - enhanced infantry and tank VET system - many new skins for infantry and tanks - many new units for all factions (100 overall) - many new abilities - new sounds & fx effects - recommended new maps included in separate map installer - historical correct vehicle speeds - more detailed tank descriptions (armament & armour) - increased line of sight & weapon ranges - increased zoom out - removed team colours & projectile trails - removed transparency effects - a total of 32 new recommended maps included | 3.06 MB The latest version of Europe In Ruins, Company of Heroes / Opposing Fronts modification.

Includes changes to veterancy bonuses and levels as well as many balance changes.

This is a mod for Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts.

The mod changes the Allies, but the author explains that the other playable sides will have their turn soon.

Trenches will provide vital cover for infantry while tanks will roll over the battlefield and instil fear into the enemy troops.