It has, he says, affected them in different ways, but they're ready for it.

"Some of them shy away from the glitz and the glamour, others absolutely revel in it, but I don't think it impacts performance."Despite the cycling boom, he acknowledges it is a sport still tainted by doping questions. We went into Beijing wanting to show everybody that you could go into a sport and use science, technology, and good coaching and really improve performance.

But they won gold, smashed the world record and, if it ever actually went away, the expectation is back."There comes a certain point of time where the result is expected, rather than it be exciting," says Brailsford.

"Chris [Hoy] going into Athens for his first gold medal was amazing.

Things have been going rather well since, of course – 14 medals in Beijing, eight of them gold, who knows how many here, and of course the first ever British winner of the Tour de France.

That so many cyclists are now household names is indicative of the nation's expectations.

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It did not take long for the green verge that slopes down from the Velodrome towards the vast screen perched on stilts in the River Lee to be christened Hoy Hill.

He is the brightest star, though not by much, in Britain's extraordinary cycling firmament.

And if you haven't got that, it doesn't matter how much talent you've got, you're never going to get sustained success."Olden returns: Brailsford's wins Athens 2004 4 medals Two golds, one silver, one bronze.