Some people find they are able to hold better than other types for the purpose of shaving.

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In reality, the rash was not a result of soap but of un-sterilized razors.

There was a secondary time period from the 1950’s to the 1970’s where “occupational” shaving mugs enjoyed a modest resurgence.

Genuine examples of these types of vintage mugs command the highest prices on internet auction sites.

Barber shops sold mugs with the owners’ names on them partly because they thought that shaving rash came from sharing the same soap.

The shaving cream scuttle was originally meant to keep the lather on the shave brush warm throughout the shave.

However the designs of cream scuttles were “tweaked” to promote the building of lather as well.Souvenir shaving mugs represent many vacation locations.They were also used to commemorate events like the completion of a church, school, or town hall.The classic shaving mug or scuttle is meant to hold a shaving soap.A recent addition is the shaving cream scuttle (or perhaps more accurately, a scuttle).Many shaving soap manufacturers gave free (or inexpensive) mugs to customers as sales promotions, hoping the customer would continue to purchase their shaving soap.