Unfortunately, every site has its own set of hoops to jump through to delete an account.

Between publicly available information and what we share on social networks, there's a lot of information about you available online.

A quick search of your name can turn up some pretty surprising things, including your home address or old social media posts you'd rather not see the light of day.

Once your profile is claimed, you'll be able to modify it or make it private.

Search for your listing on Peek You and note the number at the end of the URL. Box 4145, Bellevue, WA 98009-4145) a removal request to People Lookup.

Websites that specialize in people searches, designed to help marketers advertise to you or to help old friends track you down, are the worst offenders.

These sites often provide detailed personal information with the click of a button. It's tricky, because there are lots of sites that collect personal data.

Search for your listing on My Life and click the "Yes, this is me! You will have to verify your identity, which requires providing a credit card number — it's an odd way to go about it, but it's how the service verifies identity.

If you'd rather not do this online, you can call Customer Care at 1-888-704-1900.

Check back with these sites if your information changes to make sure your data stays offline. Fill out Acxiom's opt-out form, which requires your name, phone numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses to match you to your profile.