Lastly – and the most desirable: the fully marked “”WagnerSidney , 0 Pat’d Feb 22, 1910″ Waffle iron with base. Please see pictures and ask any question that you’d like. Here are three Wagner Ware toys/miniatures dating back 85-110 years ago.

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Here are three Wagner Ware toys/miniatures dating back 85-110 years ago.

In excellent shape, all original, not reproductions. First off the marked: Wagner Ware Sidney -O- bailed griddle 4″3/4 diameter.

Cast iron cookware books and catalog reprints Compiled October, 2003, by Steve Stephens BOOKS 1. Prices are included but seem to be high compared with what the pans are actually selling for. Suffers from poor layout and terminology along with having a lot of mistakes. It has been reprinted several times with different cover colors. Includes Extra Finished Cast Iron Cooking Utensils, Mail Boxes, Hinged Cover and Hammered Cast Iron, Chrome and Silverlike Cast Iron, and Iron Mountain Cast Iron Utensils.

The Book of Griswold & Wagner by David Smith and Chuck Wafford, Schiffer Publishing, 1995. That does not distract from this book which has 353 clear photographs of all the pans plus line drawings showing markings of all the 226 variations. The photos are not crisp like the books listed above. Griswold Extra Finish Cast Iron Cooking Utensils, Mail Boxes, Food Choppers.

Includes Griswold, Wagner, Favorite, Wpak, and Sidney Hollow Ware Companies. The Book of Wagner & Griswold by David Smith and Chuck Wafford, Schiffer Publishing, 2001. This is the "Red Book" and should be your second book purchase on iron cookware. Includes additional information on Griswold and Wagner but does not duplicate the Blue Book. You won¹t be disappointed if you don't expect too much. I do recommend that interested collectors do purchase this book for the added information.

This is the first publication a collector or dealer should buy. 845 photos including 255 pieces of Griswold and 350 pieces of Wagner, not in The Book of Griswold & Wagner. Worth getting after you have learned all you can from the better books out there. Reprinted 1996 by L-W Book Sales and may still be available from them. A nice little catalog of good quality reprinted as a special limited edition for a Griswold Swap Meet, April, 1995 by Joe Noto. In the 1920s she began publishing recipes and advice on cooking with cast iron using the pen name of "Aunt Ellen"."Aunt Ellen" was the author of Griswold's "Booklet on Waterless Cooking", given free to purchasers of the Tite-Top Dutch Oven.Later that year the Griswold brand and housewares division were sold to the Wagner Manufacturing Company of Sidney, Ohio.The plant in Erie, Pennsylvania, was closed in December 1957.Miss Etta Moses worked for Griswold for over 50 years.