Stone’s Natalie Maccabee is forced to tackle not only global threats but also the palaces of intrigue of Washington D.

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Steve On Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars, all eyes were on the show`s youngest-ever contestant, gymnast Shawn Johnson , who proved to be unflappable after her terrifying stalker situation was revealed last week.

The Olympic medalist stuck all her The new cast of Dancing with the Stars was revealed earlier in the month. Now — drum roll — ABC has unveiled season 8’s promo photos.

Chaplin will play Nasim Chaikin, a “Dancing With the Stars” is taking the ballroom out on the road again for a new North American tour.

See photos: ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 19 Cast Revealed (Photos) ABC's popular dancing competition show will travel to Stephen "t Witch" Boss and Allison Holker got married on Tuesday, has learned.

I was also screaming at the TV when he had that 10 zillion bars of Mya dusting the judges desk — “Dude!

It boggles the mind that the pro gets angry when they get yelled at for that because Len has *always* hated that stuff.

ago — seriously, we can't even believe it — on May 31, we crowded around our televisions (because let's be honest, who really had DVR at that point), fumbled with the remote, and quickly turned the channel to MTV for the premiere of .

She also nixed Paris to spend the summer with her former boyfriend, Jason Wahler, at the beach, but eventually made it to The City of Light.yo-yoing and diabolo – you know, that thing with two sticks and a piece of string.

I like that he tries to make his routines very “now” by playing into certain trends in music & theme (Mya’s Hairspray freestyle, his “Hip Hip, Chin Chin” routine for Lacey & Danny on SYTYCD), but in the same token, I feel like it tends to make his dances feel a bit…cliche.