Eli is impressed, and the two share a kiss for the audition.

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When Imogen reveals she knows some very personal things about Eli and Clare, he gets creeped out.

She calms him down by saying Clare would want him to freak out. Once Eli shows Fiona his play, she loves it and goes to Dawes to convince her to go ahead with it.

Eli, having started writing, tells Clare that he can do the interview about the play with her now.

At The Dot Imogen and Eli celebrate his (supposed) getting over Clare.

Eli tells Adam he never hit her and Adam replies that Imogen is psycho.

In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (2) Eli is watching Clare in the cafeteria when Adam walks up to him.

She asks him to hold her bloody tissue, and then puts tampons up her nose.

Adam comes by and asks what happened to Imogen's nose, Imogen says Eli punched her in the face, and skips away down the hall.

Imogen walks up and Eli walks away with her calling her "Imo", and as they are walking away, he discards his pills and throws away the vial.

In Should've Said No (1), Eli is seen talking to Imogen while Clare is leaving a note on Jake's truck.

Imogen introduces herself to Eli, and then asks about the medication he's taking.