Lake Rerewhakaaitu has slowed up significantly over the past couple of weeks with shoreline spawning virtually over for this winter.

Many of the fish being caught by harling have been in poor condition though this will change fairly quickly as trout feed on smelt and fry.

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Licences were be checked and a survey ran with information gathered from anglers as to how their time fishing had been.

The information gathered is very important as it gives Fish and Game an update on the state of the fishery and allows for informed decisions throughout the rest of the season.

Catch rates are up on last years survey according to Fish and Game.

Lake Okataina was the standout lake on opening day with catch rates up 30 % on last year.

Most anglers were happy with their day on this lake.

Early morning fishing was more successful for most.A few large brown trout have been hooked and lost within the channel.Opening Day was yet another fizzer for most anglers and overall continues to disappoint when compared to historical opening days.Fishing off Mission Bay and the Ohau Channell is likely to be more productive for shore based anglers during the summer.On the lake side of the Ohau Channel Weir anglers have had quite a bit of success at times, especially during the day, with one angler landing 20 rainbows of various sizes from outside the weir.Jigging has been successful for some and the use of very small smelt patterns has been the best option.