It's Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, and some high tech criminals stage a lock down and a hostage situation at the mall as they pull off their theft plan.

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If anything, it's one step closer to making James the cross-over star he obviously wants to be.

I wouldn't mind seeing the same kind of likability he gives here in a less juvenile script.

The movie is rated PG, so it's never too violent or scary for kids, which is the perfect target audience for the film.

They'll like the film's gentle and goofy humor, and accompanying adults may find themselves charmed by Blart himself.

He certainly specialized in playing people who tried too hard to be nice to cover up past pain.

There's a lot of this in Kevin James' performance as the title character here. James turns him into a likable and surprisingly sympathetic hero that we find ourselves cheering for by the end.I never laughed out loud while watching this movie, but I did smile a lot, and I found myself caring more about the main character than I imagined.Let me tell you, that's more than I expected walking into a movie called Paul Blart: Mall Cop.They think they've removed everyone from the building, but didn't notice Paul was in the back of the arcade playing Guitar Hero.When he emerges from the arcade, he quickly learns about the hostage situation, and discovers that both Amy and his daughter are amongst them.He's constantly battling with his own shortcomings and health issues, and it's clever the way he keeps on finding ways to keep himself going, driven by saving the ones he loves.