It was never intended to be a religion separate from Judaism and even Jesus didn\'t want it taught to gentiles. #2 - Flesticle - 09/08/2010 - can you tell this lie in Palestine, or to the african slave in america or to any opressed people.

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No Islamic conquest in SE Asia or W Africa yet majority follow Islam. Sensing that there are young readers here who may not do independent research I can James, the brother of Jesus, soon became the leader of Judaic Christianity and presided over the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15).

Peter actually makes an impassioned plea in support of the positions of Paul and Barnabas.

Most authoritative primary and secondary sources discussing the Council of Nicea and other early councils discuss many other reasons for choosing certain texts over others.

They wanted 4 Gospels, but the 4 chosen were by far the most used, authoritative (written by 1st person), and had the widest spread.

It was never intended to be a religion separate from Judaism and even Jesus didn't want it taught to gentiles. It states in the Bible to love all and pray for the sinners. Jesus Died for all of us not just a few, and it was all of us that put him on that cross, because he took all of our sins past present and future. Sau do ban can loai bo phan la, re hong, roi dem rua sach dat, cat, de rao nuoc.

What the world has now is a bunch of oppressors who love to hate the Jews and torture and kill them. For God so loved this world he gave his beloved son to die for us. harga tas kipling zebra . model tas cath kidston cowok . Luu y trong qua trinh rua sam cac khon nen nhung ca cu sam vao chau nuoc ma dung khan uot lau nhe nhang phan dat bam tren cu sam.

It is a shame that many christians fail to acknowledge their own history.

No wonder the followers of this religion have caused so much sufering in the world.

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