Ask all the hard and prickly personal questions online.

Make sure that you are sharp, observant, and discerning. Internet discussion can either be revealing or concealing of a persons true nature, and to some extent, a persons identity as well. Gone are the days of sitting in grimy, obnoxiously noisy clubs and pubs in the off-chance you will bump into someone at least sober enough to appreciate 50% of what you say.

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At large, this guide is written for non-introverts, but can also be used by introverts interested in dating an introvert as well.

For those still trying to decipher this strange breed and make the first move (since it’s 99.9% guaranteed introverts won’t), I want to provide you with the Rossetti stone of dating an introvert.

“[A lot of people think] the harder they brush, the cleaner their teeth will be,” says Rubinshtein.

“But that could damage the enamel.” And you definitely don’t want to damage enamel, which can leave the sensitive nerves in your teeth exposed; you just want to scratch the surface.

There are two things to keep in mind when using this natural teeth whitening method.

One: “If it causes any sensitivity, , and don’t continue,” says Rubinshtein.

You need to cultivate these if you don’t want to end up falling for a psychopathic axe murderer. Online searching means there is no need to drag yourself to parties and social interest groups either.

The web provides you with a greater variety and greater number of people in half the time and half the grinding effort.

However, remember that you will eventually want to meet them. Skype and MSN messenger are two popular examples that support video calling as well.