For me, it used to be the annual journey I would have to make with my folks to visit my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Doug each summer.

The visits only lasted four or five days but to me they seemed to be never ending, and it was an annual event through the late 60's and 70's for us.

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One early morning, I decided to sleep in and get some gud rest after being up all nite with my wife.

And I had assumed that everybody had left the house.

I opened the letter, wondering who it was from and what it would say.

As I opened the letter, it looked like it was hurriedly written like somebody was in a hurry trying to write this letter.

I pulled away very quickly, and a stream of white cum went across her face, as she was smiling.

I rinsed my dick off with the water, and turned the water off and got out of the shower, leaving her sitting on the floor.

First thing that she said was, are u taking a shower with the pillow? At the same time, she was able to see that I was standing tall.

As I walked into the bathroom, I started the shower up and let the water warm up.

I had to promise her that I would not say anything.