This can be great fun and an excellent way to broaden your social circle.The only thing to watch out for is whether he’s just a serial dater who never takes on the official title of ‘fidanzato’.

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Diehard Dinner Daters These are almost like the kind above in that they have zeroed in on the poetic image of an Italian guy cooking at home for a foreign girl.

Many of them have no idea what they’re doing in the kitchen and are just using mamma’s monthly supply of pasta sauce that they defrosted 20 minutes before you came, however, they get extra points for going to the trouble of cooking and inviting you to their home.

But to help you in your Roman courtships, I thought I’d share a few personal experiences that perhaps you can learn from.

I apologise to my male readers, this is dating from a girl’s perspective, however, at least it may give you an idea of what you’re competing with when you’re trying to woo a local girl.

And you know, the first three or four times it really is a beautiful way to spend an evening.

After a while though, you realise that it doesn’t really tell you anything about the creativity or effort of the boy in question, as it’s every Roman’s go-to date routine that they’ve been using on foreign women for hundreds of years.

It's not often that you get whisked away to Venice on a first date.

But when TV production manager Jessica Enderby signed up for the world record attempt for the highest ever speed-dating event, she knew her 'date' would be far from ordinary.

Whisk-You-Away Weekender The ones who are deadly for a foreign girl are those who tease you with lines like “Let’s just go away on my yacht for the weekend to Capri” or “I have this little villa in Tuscany, can I take you there for a few days and show you where I grew up?

” or even “A group of us are going to Sardegna for the weekend, there’s a yacht, there’s a house, there’s a party – no pressure, we just go as friends, I pick you up in 10, bring a bikini and a cocktail dress.” This kind of invitation does happen in Italy and it can be tempting because often they are ‘group activities’ so you’re not inclined to get romantic if you decide you don’t like their company halfway through a cocktail in Positano… Italian men pay for everything and so it’s my opinion that if you’re still undecided about your feelings for the ‘whisker’, it’s good manners to decline a weekend where he foots the ‘ to show you Rome by night on my Vespa.” How many times have I heard this?

The move of taking a girl home to mamma is not to be undervalued.