We've got EXCLUSIVE DETAILS on how Rozay had his ex chick and his new chick battling it out at his 40th birthday party inside...

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But now she was not wearing the promise ring that opens up this separation.

It’s also proclaimed that after break up with fiance he also got back the ring that he gifted her.

She's a 24-year-old aspiring model, as they usually are. Cortney allegedly told folks on her styling team that he told her he would be "staying at a hotel with some 'friends'" and to "meet her at the party." Chile...

Sources close to Cortney tell us, she thoughtshe was his next big thing after his recent break up with Lira Galore. Despite internet chatter that Ricky himself put Cortney and Shateria in the same Balmain dress, that's actually not exactly the case.

Rick Ross has some major balls to pull the stunt he just pulled last night.

Or, he's just being a typical rapper who knows the women will flock to him no matter what.We're told Rick brought her to Atlanta for his big bash, stashed her in his estate (the same place the party took place), but was M. Cortney was given a few funds to go buy herself soemthing nice, so she and her "stylist" trekked it to Neiman's in Atlanta and bought the Balmain dress, which was marked down to a few thouand bucks.Shateria just so happened to purchase and wear the exact same dress.Because last night at his Atlanta estate, he had multiple women -- exes and currents -- front and center at his black tie affair.Pics and video have been circulating of the rapper pulling up to his own party with his ex, Shateria, on his arm.Ross's second album, Trilla was released in 2008, which spawned the singles, "The Boss" which features T-Pain and "Here I Am" which features Nelly and Avery Storm.